Spence Valve Pressure Reducing Regulators


Spence regulators unique design provides one main valve - single seated, normally closed, with balanced metal diaphragm - that can be controlled by various types of interchangeable pilots to provide the following self-operated regulators:

spence valve 




  • Pressure Regulator
  • Temperature Regulator
  • Differential Pressure Regulator
  • Pump Governor
  • Back Pressure Regulator
  • Liquid Level Regulator
  • Electrically Controlled Regulator
  • Air Adjusted Regulator

Download and Print Spence Valve Specifications.

Two or more pilots may be connected to a main valve to serve multiple purposes, such as to control both temperature and pressure.

The Spence Type ED regulator (pictured above) is commonly used for the majority of the pressure reduction needs for steam, air, gasses, water and other liquids. Four pilots with nine spring pressure ranges provide reduced pressures from 15 inches vacuum to 350 psi.

In selecting the proper valve, the following information will be needed:

  1. Inlet pressure
  2. Flow Rate
  3. Flow Media (i.e.: Steam, Water, etc.)
  4. Desired Delivery Pressure
  5. Noise Restrictions, if any
  6. Type of Pilot Control (i.e.; Self Contained, Pneumatic, Electronic, etc.)
  7. Application (i.e.: Temperature Regulation, Single Stage Pressure Regulation, etc.)


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