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Davco REN Model RAB Oil Level Regulators ensure proper crankcase oil level, automatically in stationary, multi-cylinder engines. 

By reliably maintaining a safe oil level, oil consumption is reduced and engine life is extended. 

Save money on oil consumption by maintaining an optimal engine oil level.

RN24006 & RN24007
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Oil Control System - Oil Make-Up System

The Davco REN model RAB is easy to install and includes an easy 
level adjustment control. When combined with a REN slow flow meter oil counter, makes a perfectly matched oil control system. Is used in conjunction with the
continuous oil change module

The Oil Level Regulator eliminates the most costly phase in the operation of stationary engines; that of frequently manual filling and checking of crankcases. Protection is also provided against damage by contaminants and abrasive foreign matter by filtering the oil through a fine mesh screen and sediment bowl.

From a separate supply tank at or near the engine, the regulator delivers only that amount of oil required to maintain a constant oil level in the engine crankcase.  Especially designed for application to engine crankcases, the REN Oil Level Regulator employs a ruggedly designed float valve which is insensitive to vibration.


Choose from 5 gallon oil make-up tank, 15 gallon oil make-up tank, or 30 gallon make-up tank to complete your system.  Oil make-up tanks.


RN24006 - Ren Oil Regulator with mounting bracket, hose and fittings/ in stock RAB-K
RN24007- Ren Oil Regulator without mounting bracket, hose and fittings/ in stock - RAB-O

Additional features include:

  • Automatic Oil Level Regulator - Automatically maintains proper crankcase oil level

  • Eliminates costly frequent manual oil checking and filling
  • Visible oil level sight glass
  • Long-life, vibration resistant brass and stainless steel flow valve as opposed to a standard rubber valve used in most regulators
  • 1/2"  NPT outlet/inlet ports with left or right side locations
  • Low level warning switch
  • standard 1/2" NPT outlet/inlet ports with left or right side locations
  • Compact size 4 3/8" X 5 3/8" X 5" 
  • Match with an MR series slow-flow meter for automatic oil level control and accurate consumption monitoring 

Benefits of Installing an Oil Level Regulator

  • Eliminates costly frequent manual oil checking and filling
  • Savings of up to 50% in oil consumption.
  • Proven long-life providing years of reliable service.
  • Maintains Optimum engine oil level
  • Easy to install and understand
  • Can be matched with the REN Slow Flow Meter and/or Continuous Oil Change Module

The Oil Level Regulator is intended for mounting on or adjacent to the engine crankcases with the centerline of the window in the regulator adjusted to the same height as the level of oil in the crankcase.


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Height Overall (without bracket)  5.00"  (136.53 mm)
Depth Overall7.13 (180.98 mm)"
Width, Max. (without bracket)4.38" (111.13)
Mount Bracket Centers5.26" (133.60)
Weight9 lbs. (4.08 kg)
Fuel Oil Connections (Inlet)1.2" NPT
Fuel Oil Connection (Outlet)1.2" NPT
Min Vent Hose (ID)3/8" (9.53 mm)
Max Inlet Pressure4 psi (27.58 kPa)
for multicylinder engines only 

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