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3-Way Control Valves - Pneumatic Actuated

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3 way temperature control valve

Model GP Valve

The Amot Model GP Valve is a 3-way temperature control valve that provides a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for accurate temperature control. The valves are equally accurate in mixing or diverting applications over a wide range of flow rates. 

The thermostatic valve is designed for high vibration service. The GP valves are qualified to Lloyd's Marine Requirements for shipboard service. These valves can be directly mounted to reciprocating machinery such as compressors or diesel engines without the need of vibration isolation.

The valve can operate with many existing control systems. Amot can also supply either the pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control systems to meet your specific application.


The valve uses a spring return pneumatic actuator and positioner to control the rotation of the valve in response to an input signal from a pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control system. The pneumatic control system sends a pneumatic signal ranging from 3 to 15 psi to the actuator to correctly position the valve at the desired temperature setting. The pneumatic control system usually consists of a P+I pneumatic controller, sensor and the necessary air supply conditioning equipment. (regulators, filters & waste traps).


  • Fail Safe, Spring Return Actuator
  • Accurate and Repeatable Temperature Control
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Selectable Direction of Rotation
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Mount in any position
  • Compact Design
  • Nema 4 Weather Proof Construction
  • Position Indicator
  • Sizes 2" to 16"
  • 40 GPM to 8300 GPM


For Refineries, Chemical Plants & Oil Reproduction:

  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • Product Coolers
  • Product Heaters
  • Product Condensers

For Engines, Turbines, Gear Boxed & Heat Exchanges:

  • Charge Air Cooling
  • Secondary Cooling Systems
  • Fuel & Lube Oil Preheating
  • Co-Generation
  • Engine Jacket Water

NEW- Temperature Control Valve Improved

Amot Controls has redesigned and significantly enhanced the G Valve three-way temperature control valve, making it more economic and compact while also reducing the unit weight and installation costs, and at the same time upgrading performance with a 70% increase in flow capability.

A new enhanced control system has also been introduced to further improve this valve. It consists of a new PID process controller with temperature dead band, remote output alarms as standard and logic outputs to drive 25A solid state relays (SSRs) having significantly higher performance than standard relays.

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 Temperature Control Valve
3-Way Control Valves - Pneumatic Actuated