Small Natural Gas Compressor Station

Small Natural Gas Compressor station designed for small fleets.   This small CNG Station has only 2 connections (Inlet gas connection and 460V/3 PH to the motor starter box) and is ready to use for natural gas refueling.  

small natural gas compressor station

In most cases, you can reduce your fuel bill by 40%.

Ingersoll Rand - Small Fast Fill Complete Packaged Station Components:

One (1)  -  Ingersoll Rand Model 05H25NGSX Compressor rated at 28 scfm with 5 psi inlet to first stage head 460V/3PH to the motor starter box.
One (1) -  Temperature Compensated Dome Load Panel - Regulates pressure according to ambient temperatures. 

Two (2) Fuel Post Assemblies

One (1) - Lubrication system - Oil tank with oil level regulator for consistent oil maintenance.

One (1) 10,000 cu.ft. Storage Sphere

Ingersoll Rand-  CNG Station Performance: 

Duty: five (5) vehicles each require 10 equivalent gallons of gasoline in a 5 hour period. 

Station Loading:  5 vehicles X 10 gallons X 125scf = 6,250 scf 

Compressor Delivery:  6,250 scf/5 Hours/60 minutes = 20.83 scfm 

Note: Single buffer storage will allow for approximately 3,000 scf of natural gas to be fast filled into vehicles or 2.4 vehicles immediately. 

Recovery time = 1.78 hours. Recovery time is time needed to refill storage. 

Time for direct fill if storage is empty = 44.6 minutes.


  • Manufactured in the USA 
  • Air-Cooled design
  • Only two connection needed and ready to use
  • 12 Gasoline Gallon Equivalents per hour
  • Closed loop vent recovery system complete with ASME tank and relief valve, pressure gauge and manual drain valve.  
  • Complete Lubrication System
  • Station can be easily added to if demand outgrows the station


This natural gas compressor station is perfect for those with smaller fleets looking for a smaller starting CNG unit.  


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 Small Natural Gas Compressor Station - Small CNG Station