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P. C. McKenzie Company is proud to represent Ajax Boiler, Inc. Located in Santa Ana, Ca, Ajax Boiler, Inc. designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of boiler and commercial water heating products. With over eight decades of experience, the company offers high quality, heavy-duty products with reputations for reliability, serviceability, and cost effective operation.  

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Ajax offers three distinct product lines; the Ajax Series for the commercial boiler market, the Ace Series for the water heating market, and the Atlas Series for the high-efficiency, condensing boiler and water heater markets.

Ajax Series 

  • Inclined water tube boilers
  • Low pressure steam boilers
  • High pressure steam boilers
  • Unfired steam boilers
  • Tanks (Flash, Air Receiver, Expansion, Blow Down)
  • Condensate return and boiler feed systems

Ace Series 

  • Mini-Pack semi-instantaneous, indirect water heaters

Single or double-wall copper tubing construction
    Completely packaged, ready for hook-up
    All solid non-ferrous construction on potable water side.  Solid austenitic
     stainless steel shell with copper tubes
    Vertical or horizontal models available
    Tube bundle readily accessible without moving
     heater, shell or foundation (excluding double-wall vertical model)
    Compact design requires less floor space
    Mirror finish stainless steel jacket
    Self-operated, pneumatic or electric control valves are available.
    All trim items such as steam traps, isolating valves, gauges, etc.

  • Gas-fired conical copper fin water heaters
  • Indirect storage water heaters
  • Tanks (Storage)

Atlas Series

  • High-efficiency, condensing boilers and water heaters

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