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Since 1946, P. C. McKenzie Company has been actively involved in the Natural Gas Industry, this experience combined with Ingersoll Rand, the leader in natural gas compression for the NGV market, makes us the ideal solution for your NGV station design.

Today, P.C. McKenzie Company is a leading supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) equipment for vehicle fueling. 

The rugged, prepackaged modular compressor systems are available in sizes ranging from 28 scfm up to 116 scfm.

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April 20, 2015

We are pleased to announce to the CNG community the release of the McKenzie/Sauer WP4351-NG-DX compressor package. 


Large CNG Compressor

Sauer USA is the leading supplier to the Unites States Navy for high pressure compression. P. C. McKenzie Company, Ingersoll Randís CNG Master Distributor, has partnered with Sauer USA to provide larger CNG compression packages to complement current offerings.

The WP4351-NG-DX is a duplex compressor package design and is rated at 186 scfm with only 5 psi inlet pressure. State of the art designs allow for continuous duty and easy operation in NGV Refueling, Natural Gas Engine Testing and Pipeline Gas Injection.

Advantages include:

  • Direct Drive ~ reduces operating costs
  • Long intervals between routine maintenance ~ reduces Maintenance costs
  • Low compression temperatures ~ longer life
  • Weather enclosure available
  • After-market parts in stock and available for fast delivery
  • Low cost Ė High Performance ~ 186 scfm = 89 GGE/Hour & 86 DGE/hour

P. C. McKenzie Company and Sauer USA have the ability to also supply high pressure compression solutions for Nitrogen, Helium, Natural Gas, and Bio-Methane applications. Industries served include: Power Generation, Processing Industry, Oil and Gas, Power Distribution, Research and Development, Aviation, Metallurgy, Mining.

Please contact us for more information regarding CNG applications as well as your other gas compression needs.

CNG Fast Fill refueling solution located at the City of Greer, SC. This station includes an Ingersoll Rand Model 20H40NGDX compressor package, inlet dryer, ASME storage spheres and a dispenser/card lock system.

Geer Commission of Public Works made the decision to work with Ingersoll Rand based upon best value.

Our local distributor, CNG Refueling Systems, coordinated the entire project for true single source reliability. The station is operating as planned and is now open to the public.


cng equipment - NC.



May 15, 2012

Standby Systems installs CNG Station in St. Cloud, MN to fuel CNG powered buses.


CNG Equipment - newflyer

The heart of the natural gas station is a duplex Ingersoll Rand compressor package.  The
compressors were installed in a modified pedestrian bus shelter.


cng equipment

New Flyer, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty buses in the U.S. and Canada, has been building CNG buses since 1994, and in December of 2011, delivered its 4,000th CNG bus.

New Flyer CNG buses offer many benefits not available from other bus manufacturers. New Flyer's CNG system is specifically designed for New Flyer buses; it is not purchased from another supplier, which means it is part of the overall design and not an add-on. New Flyer is the only manufacturer to exceed today's CNG standards and safety requirements. As an example, although it is not required by law, New Flyer's CNG system includes a fire detection system. New Flyer CNG buses are designed for a 350-400 mile range and its tanks are certified to 20 years instead of the standard 15 years.

Recently, New Flyer installed an Ingersoll Rand Model 20H40NGDX compressor package at their St. Cloud, MN facility to fill CNG buses. This unit was sold by our authorized distributor, Stand By Systems. The station includes an inlet dryer and a single ASME storage sphere to be used in a buffer fill design. This unique installation also includes a Plexiglass enclosure for the compressor package.

The Ingersoll Rand Model 20H40NGDX compressor station will deliver 116 scfm at pressures up to 5,000 psi. It is completely pre-packaged and requires only three connections required in the field; 460V/3Ph Power, Inlet gas and discharge gas.


NEW 7/7/11

ALL BRIGHT SANITATION located in Columbus, North Carolina, switches Garbage Trucks to Natural Gas using the Ingersoll Rand Natural Gas Compressor for refueling the trash trucks.  





NEW: 5/1/11

P.C. McKenzie Company is now providing a complete small CNG Station perfect for those looking for a smaller station design.




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